Give your Feelings Velvety, Soft and Hypnotizing Touch with Valentine Roses!

One might not get surprised about the fact that roses are the most sought-after flower s for a romantic celebration like Valentine’s Day. However, the task of picking the right valentine Roses isn’t as simple as it seems, but it calls for some pondering. This is because roses feature hidden meanings. Then how to make a thoughtful pick?

Well, for this you have to tune into your own feelings for the person you’re going to buy it. If you’ve a clear understanding of your relationship with him/her then it’s nice or else go online to find its meaning for different people in your life or consult a friend who knows exact meaning of roses. This way you’ll be able to depict true feelings of yours to your loved one this V–Day.

This can also work the other way round, determine on what feelings you want to express to the recipient through this gift. This way you’re making a meaning by using a special expression of roses. This expression is supposed to interpret into a particular meaning & hopefully, a deep-heart feeling. It’s time to move from typical matters of philosophy of gift exchange to the specialties of meanings conveyed by the color as well as the numbers of roses.


Red Rose: It simply means “I Love You”. Additionally it signifies intense love and stands for beauty, audacity, and appreciation.

White Rose: It indicates purity, sheer love, reverence, innocence, youthfulness, charm and humility.

Yellow Rose: It signifies the meaning of gladness, joy, remembrance and friendship. Subtle colors can make big differences in its meaning. Contrast a simple yellow rose with a red tip and convey the meaning “I’m falling in love with you”.

As you notice there are innumerable meanings associated with a specific hue. It’s important while gifting, to express right meaning to the recipient.
So, this V-Day send these roses as Gifts for Valentine and bring a huge smile on your loved one’s face! Don’t lag behind in expressing true feelings to the one who is dear to your heart.


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