Top 10 Love Gifts from to Tickle your Lover Pink!

With romance in the air, and Valentine’s Day round the corner, we all look for the same answer of the question is “How Can I “Economically but Exclusively” Express my Love this Year?” I know it sounds a bit odd when we mingle love with money, but believe me, nobody would like to break their banks and above it lag behind in expressing their innermost feelings to the one without whom their love life seems incomplete! So, I’m right here with some Valentine gifts ( which would probably help you out. If you’re searching for the perfect love gifts for your Valentine, here are top 10 affordable yet exclusive gift ideas for you.

Check out top 10 most romantic love gifts for V-Day:

Forever Love: Love prevails all, love if eternal, love is passion, & love is sheer!!! A combo that includes a 12×12-inches cushion with a soul touching quote “I Will Never Let you Go, I Love You”, a 3-inches long vase featuring 3 exotic roses and two beautiful candles each of 2.5 inches.

Forever Love

Esteem Romance: Romance, Love, Affection, and Adoration, what comes in your mind when you endow your sweet Valentine with this ‘Esteem Romance’ combo. It features a 5.5×2.8-inches vase with 100 gm handmade chocolates, a 5-inch long white colored cute teddy decked with pearls making it a complete adorable gift for Valentine’s Day.

Esteem Romance

Favorite Couple: It’s an amazing couple combo that includes two lovely teddies each of 5-inches, 40 gm chocolates with “I Love You” text and an 8x4x5 inches cart. If you wanna let him/her know you’re perfect couple and look sweet together, this combo is meant for you.

Favorite Couple

Dazzling Floral Arrangement: An exotic, artificial floral arrangement in a very nice floral vase of 9×3.5×3.5 inches for that very special day.

Dazzling Floral Arrangement

Celebrate the Intimacy: are you intimate with your Valentine? This gift combo is meant for both of you!!! There is a 10-inches long red-colored fluffy teddy with 3.5×3 inches V-Day special mug & 4-inches long wine-shaped chocolates for making your V-Day celebration more joyous.

Celebrate the Intimacy

Light the Love: Love illuminates all and everything- this beautiful gift represents the same message. A captivating polka dotted, heart-shaped chocolate box of about 6x6x2.6 inches including 3-inches long love candle along with a very beautiful 2.5 inches teddy bear outfitted with a red bow.

Light the Love

Sweet Love Combo: It features an I Love You cushion of 13.5×10.5 inches; 2.5 inches long candle together with a 6x4x2 inches red paper bag full of sweet chocolates for your special someone.

Sweet Love Combo

Gift Teddy N Hearts: It’s a very sweet, lovely and cute gift!!! A big white teddy with a lot of cute, sweet tiny hearts in vibrant colors arranged in a cute basket makes it truly captivating. You can gift this sweet basket to depict your affection to your Valentine and let that special someone know he/she is so dear to you!

Gift Teddy N Hearts

U N Me Forever: Two utterly sweet teddies peeping out of a cute little yellow bucket create a magical charm. This cute combo is further sweetened by two 51gm delectable Mars chocolates.

U N Me Forever

Teddy Couple Cushion: A very charming 11×9.5 inches cushion featuring two utterly cute teddies inside cuddling each other would definitely be a perfect gift for your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

Teddy Couple Cushion

So, pick any of these 10 top gifts for Valentine and let the love magic sweep your Valentine off his/her feet this V-Day!!!


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