Send Lohri Gifts to India to Express Happiness!

7The Indian calendar is profusely marked with celebrations, many of which harbinger the change of season, or rejoice the harvest. If you’re in North India on or around January 13, don’t get stunned to see piles of logs adjacent community centers in preparation for one such festival! This is the celebration of Lohri. Lohri is the celebration when the freezing cold & fog begin to fade, and farmers get ready to collect the harvest. The festival celebrates not just the changing season, thanksgiving & hopes for a good crop, but also a natural occurrence- the winter solstice.

Lohri is commemorated as a harvest celebration particularly by the natives of Punjab, a north Indian state. Though it’s widely celebrated by the Punjabi community but it is celebrated by other people too all around India. Since, Punjab is India’s breadbasket, the focus of the celebration remains on food & thanksgiving. The winter produce of wheat is actually plowed I n March-April, hence this is a time when people are comparatively free to take part into festivities.

The festival of Lohri seems incomplete without Lohri gifts. It’s the time when people besides partying, indulge in gift exchange and Send Lohri Gifts to India or across to their loved ones.
You can also make this celebration unforgettable for those who are miles away from you by sending Lohri gifts to India. Lohri gifts to India include:

Sweets: The celebration of Lohri (Makar Sankranti) would remain imperfect without having or gifting delicious sweets. Keeping the importance of the event in mind, has arranged a plethora of delicacies in its catalogue. From badam barfi, laddoo to peda etc. all you’ll find to take your pick. Furthermore, such delicacies are arranged from renowned stores & hence will be relished by all.

Chocolates: Sugary delights are relished by all, irrespective of ages & genders. By browsing through the chocolate section of the site you can take your pick from a wide assortment & send it to your near and dear ones right on this day. Your loved ones will surely be captivated to receive sugary treats as gifts. In the chocolate section, a wide range of chocolates has been arranged from brands like Ferrero Rocher, Kitkat, Cadbury, and a lot more. Besides branded chocolates, handmade chocolates are also available.

Chikkis & Gajaks: Lohri is best known for chikkis and gajaks as people love to relish such delicacies during this time. The site features a wide array of til ka laddoo, chikkis and gajaks made from premium materials.

Gift Hamper: It’s a great gifting idea to impress loved ones. A gift hamper includes a wide array of items assorted together keeping in mind the tastes as well as preferences of customers. If your recipient is a foodie or has a sweet tooth a gourmet gift hamper would make him/her quite happy.

Hence, Lohri gifts sent on this very occasion will surely add to your loved ones’ festivities.


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