Delight Loved Ones with Special Lohri Gifts

indexLohri is an exciting festivity full of fun and gaiety by the Punjabi community in the month of January every year to mark the good harvest that carries cultural & traditional importance. The festival is observed on the eve of the winter solstice hovering on the belief that the night of Lohri is the longest night of the year. In numerable theories have been advised pertaining to the derivation of the term ‘Lohri’. Many people say that the celebration derives its name from ‘Loi’- wife of the saint Kabir, while some say that the name ‘Lohri’ has been taken from the word ‘loh’ means an iron pan used for cooking food.

The festival of Lohri best reflects the love amongst people as it’s not the festival that remains restricted within the state of Punjab but also observed throughout India.

The festival of Lohri is marked by Lohri Gifts and traditional activities like lighting the ritualistic bonfire by the evening, dancing on the beats of dhol, dishes, signing popular folklore and merry making. The folklore of Lohri is an integral part of the celebration which people sing to offer their gratitude to the good harvest season as well as the natural elements like wind, water and fire.
For kids, Lohri is meant as a great time to have fun. Early morning, kids visit their relatives to collect souvenirs that often include Lohri gifts like sweets, snacks, gajak, jaggery, and so on.

Now Lohri gifts in the form of cookies, sweets, chocolates, etc. are becoming popular as people can send them to their distant relatives.
Celebrate this Lohri with that offers a wide range of Lohri gifts including gajak, choclaltes, sweets, and a lot more other delicacies with items like toys, flowers, accessories, and so on. Have a Happy Lohri!


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