Let your loved ones taste the stimulating flavors of Lohri with wonderful gifts

7Distance barriers can make you lack a lot but when it comes to distribute love and wishes; nothing looks like the barrier in the current era where internet is the biggest messenger that allows us to distribute wishes across the globe. So, get ready to revel in the stimulating flavors of Punjab this winter and rejoice Lohri 2014 as it’s a right time to go Balle Balle and hoist a Patiala peg to the vigorous fortitude of Punjab. Observed by the Punjabi community every year in the month of January in chilled winter, Lohri is a fun filled festivity that is celebrated for a good harvest that carries the cultural and traditional significance.

It is observed on the eve of winter solstice based on the conviction that the Lohri night is the longest night of the year. Plentiful theories have been linked to the derivation of the term ‘Lohri’. Some believe that the name derived from Loi, wife of Saint Kabir where other say that Lohri is a word originated from the ‘Loh’ an iron pan which is used for preparing food. It reflects the community’s love for festival and celebrations of brioness however the celebration of Lohri is not just restricted to Punjab but is also observed passionately all the way through to Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi, Jammu and Himachal Pradesh and even on the foreign land where our Punjabi brothers have settled like- Canada, UK etc.

As per the Hindu calendar, this time, Lohri 2014 will be observed on Monday, January 13. The festival of Lohri is marked by different types of traditional activities such as lighting ritualistic bonfire in the evening, pomp and show dance on the beats of desi dhol, offering traditional luscious dishes and singing popular Lohri Punjabi songs in Typical Punjabi Language around the bonfire and delighting in the mouthwatering feast. Beside, Lohri Gifts are also distributed among the families to enchant each other. Folklore is an integral part of Lohri that articulates the gratitude to a blooming harvest season expecting fulfilled crop.

On the eve of Lohri, people also sing the folklores to remember the Dulha Bhatti, a legendary hero who helped poor people by robbing the rich. In the evening during Lohri Puja, lighting the Bonfire symbolizes the offering prayers to the god of fire (Lord Agni) and to shower the blessings of the land with the profusion of crops and opulence. There is a popular handmade feast served on this day that includes- makki-di-roti and sarson-da-saag. And, for the children, Lohri is a right time of amusement and excitement. In the early morning, they visit to their neighborhood to collect the Lohri ‘Loot’ that usually comprise traditional sweets, snacks (gajak, rewri, til, moongphali and jaggery) and money too.

This fest is not just restricted to the celebration but also entails a great time for the people in community to cheer and revivify themselves from their errands and fuse to carve up some fun and revive the cultural values. On this occasion people who are far from their loved ones send Lohri gifts to India along with beautifully greetings and fancy Lohri gifts to their loved ones who have settled to the different locations. Let’s send Lohri wishes to the people you love in the form of beautiful gifts.


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