Archive | October 12, 2013

Your wife Starves for you on Karwa Chauth, what you’re Gonna Do?

5Hey, the day has come when your lady will look to be bit quiet and peaceful and won’t shout on you for minor issues and forbid you for petty mistakes like- don’t put wet towel on bed? Put off your shoes out of door? Keep your belongings at their place? These are the mistakes you commit hundreds of time and your wife makes thousands of reminders for not to do that. The reasons why she won’t say anything to you is because she is empty stomach and doesn’t have any energy left to be hyper.

Probably, husbands will love this novel Avatar of their wives but guys- don’t make fun because they starve just for your long life and prosperity. Yes, on the eve of karwa chauth 2013, thousands or even lakhs of women observe a dawn to dusk task for their husbands’ long life. It shows their love and affection for you. This is the intensity of their love they have for you that gives them energy to stay hungry for whole day long without any food or even a single drop of water.

Though some men don’t believe that the fast their wives keep for their safety will save their lives but still, legends say that it’s possible. It’s true that no one is immortal on this planet but such fasts prevent miss-happenings in many ways and can protect you from bad evils. Now the question is- when your wife starves for you on Karwa chauth, what you do? Let’s do it with Karwa Chauth Gifts


If she’s following rituals from any overseas countries like Australia, Canada, UAE, USA, etc then you should not worry at all because you can easily send Karwa Chauth Gifts to Canada and other countries of globe. With the advent of technology, you can easily deliver your love and emotions to your charming lady who’s by some reasons not at home. These gifts will connect your emotions and make the feel of presence of each other.

With the help of online shopping portals, you can conveniently shop for some of the exotic Karwa chauth Gifts for your wife that simply worth a lot. You can send her glorious jewelery like diamond- silver, gold, designer sarees, and plentiful other types of stuff. Beautiful handcrafted pieces of jewellery decked out with diamonds or other valuable stones are the suitable gift options for someone who’s valuable for you.

Apart from India, you can also send Karwa Chauth Gifts to Australia and its major cities without any hitch. A reputed online shopping portal keeps a great network of dispatch service providers who are spread in all countries and can send your selected gifts to far-flung parts of countries. Let’s get in touch with them now. Let’s visit online and choose from the wide range of products at affordable cost and send them online with quick and time based delivery.