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What should be included in Karwa Chauth Gifts?


Karwa Chauth is believed to be the sturdiest fast for Indian women that need a high intensity power. This fast is observed without drinking even a single drop of water for full day. More than just the festival, karwa chauth is a synonym of a wife’s love, honor and allegiance towards her husband. There is a traditional legend attached to this fest with the tale of Savitri and Satyavan, where Savitri snatched her husband’s soul from Yamraaj by due doggedness and ingenuity.

It shows that the love of wife is so intense that it can even defeat the death of god. Instead of keeping dawn to dusk fast, husbands treat their wives with some amazing gift items that are of course, of their own choice. Husband shower their wives with prolific gifts to express their love. As the festival is meant for married ladies, these gifts can be anything which is emblematic of a woman’s nuptial status.

The list of karwa chauth gifts can include items such as- jewelry, bangles, sarees or any other traditional item. However if you are confused over the selection of right gift then you can get some superb suggestions from here that are stylish as well as affordable at the same time.

Check out some exclusive karwa Chauth 2013 gift ideas

10Karwa Chauth Gift Hampers– A pack of some amazing stuffs

Karwa Chauth hampers prove to be the most affordable and attractive option of gift that include various items in one packing. They include all types of stuffs require to accomplish the Puja of karwa chauth like- puja thali, chocolates, soft toy, sweets, cookies, jewelry, dry fruits etc. Puja thali that this hamper include is the most integral part of karwa chauth Puja that include items such as- kumkum, bangles, mehendi, roli, chandan etc.

karwa chauth pooja thali– A traditional item

Karwa chauth Thali can be endowed by both husband as well as mother in law (saas) to their daughter in law (Bahu). A fully decorated Puja Thali include the major items which are symbolic for a married lady i.e. kumkum, bangles, roli, henna etc. A Karwa chauth book or a calendar may be rather inexpensive on your pocket where as a Karwa chauth swastika or ornamental thali may cost you somewhat high price.

Jewelry for Karwa Chauth– Best for women

If you are someone really want to pamper your wife or planning to give her a delightful surprise then you can go for Karwa chauth Jewelry without any second thought. Women are just crazy about jewelry and love to carry new stuffs made up of different precious metals such as- earring, necklace, ring, pendant and more. Women always appear to be in touch with the jewelry. You can choose from the wide range of jewelry online from e-gifting portals.

Apart from this main category of gift items you can also choose from the wide range of generally gift items for your dearest wife such as flowers, chocolates, sweets, cakes, dryfruits, apparel and other type of general stuffs. With the help of e-gifting portals you can easily send your desired gifts to your loved ones with quick online delivery.

Let’s choose from the wide range of gift items and deliver the same to your dear ones with quick online delivery. A Karwa chauth gift preferred with love and care can be unforgettable for a long time for your loved ones. Follow these gift ideas and captivate your dear ones.