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6 Simple but Heart Winning Bhai Dooj Gifts for Siblings to Try This Season

Rejoiced with great enjoyment, the celebration of Bhai Dooj stands for the loving bonds of brothers and sisters. Apart from Raksha Bandhan, it’s another day to commemorate the ever-so-lovely sibling bond. This festival falls two days after Diwali & marks the home visit of brothers to sisters’ house. On this auspicious day, as a custom, sisters put a holy tikka onto the forehead of their brothers to ward off evil and pray for their long life. Brothers in the reply of their sisters’ lovely gesture shower them with attractive gifts.

This festival of sibling bond and affection is rejoiced all over the world by Indian diasporas with great zeal and gaiety. As the celebration has gone global, the trend of sending gifts to loved ones is picking up pace. For brothers and sisters who are away from their siblings this year, getting them timely delivery through is indeed a great idea. Below mentioned are some of the Bhai Dooj gifts that you can consider this year.
• Gourmet Gift Basket: Send a gift basket filled of gourmet foods and cookies to your brother containing other items such as roli, akshat with a traditional diya, flowers and so on. This gift basket will beautifully adorned with ribbons & flowers, perfect to feel the festive spirit. You can even get the basket prepared as per your choice.
• Designer bhai dooj puja thalis: How about sending a beautiful bhaidooj thali to your brother? Make him feel special & loved by carrying out the rituals even from miles away. Send a designer thali decked with beads, bells, containing sweets, tikka and rice. You can even personalize this thali by adding a personal message card.
• Flowers and Chocolates: Just in case, your brothers or sisters love to pamper their taste buds with sugary delights, it would be amazing to treat them with chocolates and cheer up their day with gorgeous flowers. Send them a bouquet of flowers with some chocolates and perk up the quotient of their happiness.
• Fashion Accessories: Women, no matter how many accessories they pile up, they still get space for some more. Not just women but men too are becoming conscious about accessorizing themselves. So, pick a nice accessory out of bracelet, key chain, ring, earring, or anything to suit your baby sitter brother or sister’s personality & give him/her reason to smile on this Bhai Dooj!
• Soft Toys: Pamper your kid brother or sister with stuff toys. Wouldn’t you love to see a huge grin on their face with an exclusive gift like this? Make them feel special by gifting soft toys on Bhai Dooj. You can find other excellent gifts too by navigating through ‘Bhai Dooj gifts for kids’ section of this site.
• Wallets & Handbags: Rejoice the beautiful bonding of siblinghood by gifting something exotic yet stylish. Perk up the spirit of Bhai Dooj celebration by gifting a lovely wallet to your brother or an attractive handbag to your sister. A trendy wallet or bag is really gonna win over your sibling’s heart.
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Pick any of gifts out of above said top gift ideas and make this Bhai Dooj festival extra special for your siblings!


Wish Good Luck and Prosperity with Top 8 Gifts from!

The festival of lights is here!!! One of the widely awaited festivals of Hindu, Diwali is rejoiced with great fervor and gaiety in India. Success, prosperity, a bright future & a sense of appreciation dawns the beginning & the attractive end of this celebration. Festive gifts are an indispensable part of Diwali celebration. This Diwali you can spark your loved ones’ life with graceful ‘All time Hit’ Diwali gifts of!

DIWALIGWD4592This online gifting site offers you a great opportunity to enlighten your loved ones lives with graceful gifts. The site is known for its unique gifting range and here it presents All Time Hit Diwali gifts comprising some of the best gifting items.
Ganesha N Dyrfruits : It’s a graceful combo of a samml Ganesha idol, 4 decorative diyas and 200gm dryfruits in a traditional basket. It’s an affordable Diwali gift which you can send to your loved ones at the time of Diwali.
Royal Pooja Thali : A designer shimmering platter tray with Lakshmi Ganesha idol is apt for gifting purposes. This is further enhanced by a delicious combination of kaju gujiya and dryfruits.
Purple Delight : This gift pack includes purple candle decked with optimum quality dry flowers. The gift is further accompanied by 200gm Ferrero Rocher chocolate box that makes a simple surefire way to astonish loved ones this Diwali.
• Ganesha N Choco Hamper : Those looking for a delicious treat with an ethnic flavor can opt for this hamper which includes a Ganesha idol with 200gm homemade sugary delights in a vase with 4 beautiful decorated diyas.
• Pan (Betel) Shaped Leaf Hamper : Spread cheerfulness with this chic leaf which makes a truly pleasant gift this Diwali! This hamper includes a pan-shaped designer leaf with 200gm homemade chocolates & four attractive diyas.
• Twix Choco Hamper : It’s a nice hamper of assorted sugary delights as well as cookies featuring 400gm butter cookies, butter toffees, 200gm Ferrero Rocher chocolates, 50gm twox and a 3 inch long soft toy. This gift hamper is suitable for anyone whether a teenager or a kid recipient.
• Golden Box of Dryfruits : It’s an impressive box of assorted dryfruits with transparent flap. For a healthy treat this gift box goes beyond one’s expectation.
• Splendid Leafy Glow : A suitable home décor for the centerpiece. This leafy candle holder featuring an embedded Ganesha idol and one candle holder can be gifted to anyone to help them deck their home this Diwali!

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These are the ‘All Time Hit’ gift items preferred by most of the customers of this site. Choose anyone of these items and let the glowing light of Diwali sparkle your loved one’s life!

Charm the Special Lady of your Life this Diwali with Some Exclusive Gift Ideas!

GWD998Diwali or the Festival of Lights is one of the grandest celebrations in India. The festival is rejoiced with sheer grandeur, fanfare, gaiety and jollity all over India. It’s the time when family members, friends & relatives get together to bask in festive jollity with utter spirit. Lighting candles, feasting, bursting crackers, sharing light moments with loved ones and merrymaking are the major highlights of this festival. This five-day celebration generally falls in the month of Kartik every year and this year it is going to be rejoiced on 3rd November 2013.
The celebration is marked unforgettable by exchanging gifts. People bestow each other with gifts to convey warm wishes and spread happiness. However, if you are unable to locate a right gift for your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister or any female member of your family, go through this blog and come up with right Diwali Gifts for Her.
Deepawali as being an important celebration in India, is known for its month ago preparations. For this occasion, you can avail a range of Diwali Gifts for special people of your life across any age or gender. Diwali gifts for her include below mentioned ideas. Have a look…..
Sarees :  On any Indian celebration, every woman loves to flatter herself with traditional outfits. So, you can make her look traditional and beautiful by choosing sarees as Diwali gifts. Lovely yet elegant selection of sarees such as chiffon, cotton, embroidery, silk, etc. are accessible online. Moreover, such traditional wears come in vibrant shades. She would be delighted to get a gift like this on thus auspicious day.
Cosmetics :  A hamper comprising diverse cosmetics would be an ideal gift for her on Diwali 2013. Cosmetics from renowned brands are preferred by ladies to enhance their look. You can choose cosmetics for skin, hair, and so on. If you are aware of your lady’s preferences, you would definitely bring a cute smile on her face by gifting such items.
Jewellery :  Jewelries and trinkets are women’s weakest nerves. Their love for jewelries seems unmatched. Diwali is perfect time to add to her festivity by sending an elegant piece of jewelry. Material isn’t a matter as there is available gold, pearl, diamond, to designer jewelries. Either you can choose from necklace, earring, pendant, bangles, anklets or rings.
Diwali Gift Hampers :  You can charm her further by gifting a wonderful gift hamper. Diwali gift hamper includes a variety of items from dry fruits to chocolates, accessories, flower arrangements, cakes, showpieces, handicrafts, diyas, candles and so forth. She would be enthralled by getting a hamper full of gift items.
Ladies Handbags :  Handbags are the most widely preferred accessories by ladies. Women don’t prefer going out without a handbag. So, you can pamper her by choosing a stylish handbag for her. Choose a fashion handbag as per her taste and charm her, this Diwali.
Home Appliances and Kitchenware :  If your lady is fond of cooking and interior decorations, gift her kitchenware or some home appliances this Diwali.
Sweet Hampers : If she has a sweet tooth, you can satisfy her taste buds by sending a delightful box of sweets. Sweet hampers comprising traditional sugary, syrupy delights like rasogullas, laddoos, kaju katli, pedas, gulab jamuns, etc. would definitely salivate her mouth.
So, why are you waiting then? Pick any of Diwali gifting idea for her and make this celebration extra special for that special lady in your life! It will definitely make her drool over your thoughtfulness and nice gesture!

Choose a Surprising Gift out of these Traditional & Contemporary Diwali Gift Ideas!

10The season of celebration has knocked at our doors & the trickiest part is choosing the right gift for your near and dear ones. It involves a lot of brainstorming & head scratching, and even after investing their penny in buying gifts, people still end up with doubts whether they have acquired the right gift or not. It’s really a problematic situation. If you think, the same situation might occur with you, check out below mentioned Diwali Gifts Ideas and tips for better assistance.
Diwali brings with it loads of creativity. People love to decorate their home and offices. Diwali decorations are something which they love to receive to spruce up their home. The festival of lights is the time makes new beginning, so pep up the place of your near and dear ones with stunning magnetism of wall hangings, metal lanterns, wooden sculptures, diyas, rangolis, and so on. Diwali decorations can easily be obtained from a reliable gifting site at affordable price.
Hanging Lamps:
If you want to celebrate this festival in an eco-friendly way, then go for hanging lamps as illuminations. You can illuminate the dark nooks & corners of your home with these lamps. Even you can hang them on the strong branches of the trees in your backyard. You don’t need to create a web of electric wires as you can place a simple candle or a diya inside such lamps. Even if it is a bit windy climate, your candles or diyas wouldn’t die down. Acquire them in plenty to make sure there is only light everywhere. It’s a unique Diwali gift idea and it will work!
Diwali Gift Hampers:
Brilliantly designed Diwali gift hampers( are the excellent choices for the celebration of this festival. You can make your own gift hamper or go for a readymade one comprising chocolates, candle stands, scented candles, Ganesha idols, dry fruits, and a lot other items. Corporate sectors will definitely go for bulk purchases of these items.
Diwali Gift for Family:
Go creative with flowery lamps and candles. Either you can choose from these items or go for Lakshmi Ganesh idols, coins, decorative diyas, etc. for your family. There are a lot more to choose from which your family members would definitely appreciate. Traditional gifts are excellent for family members as their preferences revolve round such items.
There are various gifts to choose from, you just need to consider some factors like age, likes and dislikes of your loved ones before purchasing.

Give your Pooja Thali a Jazzy Look with Diwali Pooja Thali Decoration Ideas!

DIWALIGWD4247Diwali has just approached, the whole environment, market, shops and stores seem flooding with gifts and decorative items. Diwali Pooja Thalis is one of those indispensable items which you definitely want to shop in advance. During Diwali celebration a pooja thali is used to perform the worshiping rituals of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakhsmi.
This year why not give an attractive look to your pooja thali to further add to the celebration? I know you might be hitting hared with the query, how can you do that? Well, it’s very simple. You can give your thali a unique look by going through given decoration ideas. Lakshmi Puja and Ganehs Puja are the most significant aspect of Diwali celebration. Hindu people all over India offer prayer to the Goddess of Wealth- Lakshmi. The worship of these deities involves all the members of the family where they together perform the puja rituals.
Do you think the festival of lights limited to shopping, cuddling in new clothes, sharing delicacies, and bursting crackers only? Well the main this celebration is adulating Lord Ganehsa and Goddess Lakshmi for prosperity and success.
A Diwali pooja thali is a simple plate that contains all the items needed for the worshipping rituals. It may include roli, rice, gold or silver coins, diyas, a small kalash, kalwa, flowers, and so on. These items are kept in the puja thali so as to find each essential at one place during rituals. Below given are some ideas to give these thalis an enhanced look.
Puja Thali Decoration Ideas:
• If you want to bedeck your puja plate with kumkum, take a mediam size plate & smear it with ghee (2 tbsp). Now sprinkle the kumkum gently all over it. Draw the symbol of swastika in center & keep it away to get set. Now spread the petals of some flowers & place a diya on it together with items like camphor, bell, rice and turmeric.
• If you would like to prepare your thali with mirror pieces, first wrap a steel or bronze thali with a bright color piece of satin cloth. Spruce up the rim around the plate with laces and then add mirrors of various shapes. Place an aroma candle in the mid portion and then attach a few mirrors around it. Now put your puja items in it.
• You can cover a plate with beautiful colored paper sheets and place all puja accessories in it. You can also deck thali with betel leaves which will give it a green yet amazing appearance.
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Try out any of above said ideas and prepare a truly amazing thali!

Send Bhai Dooj Gifts for Brother to Make Him Feel Special on this Auspicious Day

RAKHIGWD3995The unique bonding between brothers and sisters is rejoiced with much grandeur & glory in India. Bhai Dooj also called Bhau Beej, and Yam Dwitiya is one of the most important days which mark sometime naughty, sometime emotional, but strong forever bonding of brothers & sisters. This Hindu celebration is synonymous with the festival of Raksha Bandhan which comes once in a year, right after when the dazzling celebration of Diwali comes to an end. The Bhai Dooj celebration falls on a new moon night & is much anticipated occasion. Every sister on this very day prepares a special thali. The importance of the festival lies in the ritual when sisters apply a tikka on their brothers’ forehead. In return brothers shower her with gifts and blessings.
Like every Indian celebration, Bhai Dooj too is the time when family members get together and exchange gifts. Your brother is definitely the most important person in your life. On this day he deserves good wishes as well as blessings from your side. So along with your blessings send some Bhai dooj gifts for brother this year.
Gifts which you can give to your brother on this special day include:

Revamp the wardrobe of your brother by gifting him a special collection of outfits like jeans, shirt, trouser or even a neck tie from some of the renowned brands out there. From ethnic to modern, the range is absolute. Choose an outfit as per his tastes and let him appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Men love to accessorize themselves with a smart timepiece. Hence it would be an ideal gift for Bhai Dooj. Watch from renowned brands like Sonata, Fastrack, Titan & others will deck your brother’s wrist & he’ll be reminded of your valuable present for him.

Accessories such as wallets, bags, & belts are absolute essential items for men these days. They are of utmost importance and trendy enough to accessorize your brother’s persona. He would love to receive such gifts and won’t mind saying thank you again and again.
Chocolate Hampers:

If your brother loves to relish sweet treats and is a foodie, you can delight him with an exclusive chocolate hamper. These hampers may include candies, chocolate bars from brands like Cadbury, KitKat, Ferrero rocher, BourneVille and so on.
Dry Fruit Hampers:

For a healthy, delicious and savory treat go for dry fruits. You can opt for a dry fruit hamper as perfect Bhai Dooj gift for brother. Such hampers may include assorted dry fruits like raisins, cashews, chestnuts, almonds, nuts and so on.
Personalized Mugs & Gifts:

Go creative with a personalized coffee mug this Bhai Dooj. Get a quote or a cute message engraved on a mug or an item of your choice to make it an incredible gift for your brother.
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The list of Bhai Dooj gifts for brother doesn’t end here. Innumerable items are out there for selection. Just visit a reliable online gifting site and choose the one that are sure to delight your brother.

Make Diwali Celebration Divine with Laxmi Ganesh Gifts

GWD704Every year the celebration of Diwali brings new vigor, spirit and vehemence in our life. Diwali is the celebration of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha. During this celebration, people deck their houses with earthen diyas to welcome goddess Lakshmi. Laksmhi & Ganesh puja is an integral part of this celebration. Gifts too, add to its core essence which we all relish utterly. Only a few days are left to this shimmering celebration. Have you located rights gifts for family and friends? If not, continue with this blog.
As I’ve said earlier Lakshmi Ganesh puja is the core essence of this celebration, gifting a religious yet divine item on this very day further adds to its importance. Religious gifts on Diwali make ultimate gift ideas. After all it’s the most auspicious Hindu celebration rejoiced across India. comes with an extensive range of Laxmi Ganesh idol ideas that could make the celebration of your loved ones a really special. Let’s go through the religious gift items of the site one by one.
Lord Ganesh Idols: Made up of silver, brass or gold plated metal, Ganehsa idols have been especially designed for Diwali festival where it is said to be auspicious to gift to loved ones. It brings good fortune and prosperity in one’s life. One can also obtain Ganesh idols made from alabaster base & bejeweled with hand painted elaborate meenakari design.
Lakshmi Idols: Lakshmi idols also made from brass, silver or gold plated metals make great gifts. An idol made of plaster of paris or stone can also be obtained in a number of shapes, sizes and designs. These idols can be gifted to loved ones to bring prosperity in their lives. Elaborate designs and fine art work make the idols perfect for gifting.
No matter whether you like to get idols separately or in combined way, the gifting site caters to almost every need. A pair of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi idols are said to be the best gifts on Diwali. With idols you can add a box of chocolates or traditional Indian sweets too.
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Remember Diwali celebration’s essence lies in the divinity and age-old traditions. If you think your loved one’s would be glad to get a divine gift, then without any doubt opt for these divine idols and shower good luck in their lives. They will really appreciate your thoughtfulness along with these divine items.