Durga Puja Thalis Make Ultimate Gifts on this Pious Occasion

Durga Puja is one of the ancient festivals rejoiced in India by the Hindus. The festival is rejoiced with great joviality all over India. However, with passage of time, the festival of Durga Puja has undergone drastic changes. The customs and rituals remain the same & are still practiced with devotion, but the decoration, festivity and gifting have changed drastically.

In Durga Puja, special puja thalis hold greater significance as these are dedicated to Gods & goddesses. All the pooja materials are arranged in a specific thali, which people use during adulation of the Goddess. Besides being used widely in worship, Durga Puja Thalis also make great gifts for near and dear ones.
Varieties in Durga Puja Thalis:

There are different ways to deck a puja thali. You can opt for a thali made from silver, steel, brass, gold, or any other type of metal. The size and shape of thalis may vary from round, oval and square to any other shape. You can just wrap the thali with shimmering and vivacious packing paper sheets & then place puja items on it.

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Durga Puja thalis also come with divine images of “Om”, “Swastika”, “Shree”, and so on. Different types of Durga Puja thalis include.

• Silver Thalis: Silver is considered an auspicious metal which is commonly used at puja customs all over India. You can endow your near and dear ones with silver Durga Puja thali this year and confer all your hearty wishes. These puja thalis come in a package that contains items like silver coins, diyas and sinhasans.

• Brass Thalis: Brass thalis also said to be great gifts for an occasion like this. With these gifts you can express your heart wishes to your loved ones. These beautiful thalis are also accessible with other puja accessories. The best aspect of such gifts is that these are available at incredibly low prices. By sending brass thalis to India to your loved ones you can add sparkle to their celebrations.

• Gold Plated Puja Thali: Well, such type of thali is one more amazing option. Gold plated thalis are quite popular & are used widely during other religious festivals. Glittering and exclusive, such thalis also come with accessories like gold-plated coins, kalash and incense sticks.

• Designer Thalis: Sparkling Durga Puja thalis particularly the one engraved with Swastika symbols & the one decked with diyas are some of the excellent options in this genre. These amazing pieces are sure to boost the jolly quotient this season.
No matter which thali you would prefer, it is sure that it will make great gift for such a special occasion.


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